20~ Testimonial: Tinnitus, gout, arthiritis, aching bones and muscles, painful shoulder

19~Testimonial for Loss of Direction Lack of motivation & Self Esteem

18~ 2 Testimonial s confirming successful treatment for Brain Injury ~ Arthritis

17~ 3 Testimonials for successful outcome from Life Coaching sessions

16~ Testimonial Hip knee neck Pain treatments with Acupuncture

15~ Testimonial Tendonitis and Knee Pain ~ Acupuncture

14~ Testimonial Weight Gain~ Sore Throat~ work stress ~ Poor motivation

13~ Testimonial 30 years complaint of Back and Neck Pain~ Dizziness~ Restless Legs

12~ Testimonial Arthritis in the fingers, Back Pain,Sciatica, Stiff Shoulder

11~ Testimonial frozen Shoulder with Restrictive and Limited Movement

10~ Testimonial Sickness & Nausea during pregnancy, Dry Retching, vomiting

9~ Testimonial Sleep Problem, Sciatica, Back Pain, Heavy Achy Legs, Issues with Anger

8~ Testimonial Neck Problem, Back Pain, Poor Sleep, Headaches

7~ Testimonial debilitating hip and back pain

6 ~ Testimonial Shoulder and Neck Injury, Poor Mobility and Low Energy, Mood Swings

5~ Testimonial Arthritis, Sciatica, house bound, Bladder Problem, Anxiety

4~ Testimonial Stop Smoking

3~ Testimonial Ulcerative Colitis, Anxiety, loss of confidence

2~ Testimonial Back Pain, Heavy Legs, lack of motivation

1~ Testimonial Back Injury, Long Term Sciatica and Shoulder Pain