Client Profile: Female
Main Complaints: Patient had been suffering from: Pain in Right hip, radiating down the leg in to the foot.
Treatments: Acupuncture & Bowen therapy
Client Testimonial: Nayana spoke to my mum yesterday, She sounded really happy and was really impressed, that you had managed to resolve her painful leg, as it was fine a couple of hours later after the treatment.
Client Profile: Female
Main Complaints: Painful foot
Treatments: Acupuncture & Bowen therapy
Client Testimonial: "During a treatment with Nayana I said that I was thinking about seeing a Chiropodist because my right foot was very painful & I thought that there were some bones out of alignment. Nayana focussed on my foot during this acupuncture treatment & the pain & discomfort totally disappeared within a few days"".
Client Profile: Female, 39
Main Complaints: Stress & coping with Grief
Treatments: Bowen Therapy incorporating Emotional Freedom technique (EFT)
Client Testimonial: "I was grieving the death of my mother when I had the first treatment. I never noticed anything significant, but after the second treatment it gave me the courage to start to move on with my life. For many weeks, months I was unable to take down all the bereavement cards I had received as it was much to painful and final. After the second treatment I had the confidence and the strength to gather them al up, reading again the kind words and versus in the cards, knowing in my heart this was the right thing to do. I found the Bowen treatment relaxing and noticed I often just wanted to sleep afterwards"
Client Profile: -
Main Complaints: Stiff Shoulder
Treatments: Bowen Therapy
Client Testimonial: "Bowen really helped my left shoulder, since last week I’ve had no trouble at all, touch wood, suitable impressed"
Client Profile: Male, 63
Main Complaints: Stress
Treatments: Bowen Therapy
Client Testimonial: "After just one session of Bowen treatment I found I was more relaxed and energised and could think more clearly"
Client Profile: Male, 37
Main Complaints: Stiff Shoulder, Tight Back
Treatments: Bowen Therapy
Client Testimonial: "Having recently experiencing a deep Turkish massage, it made be realise just how effective the subtle movements of the Bowen technique were in comparison, its amazing!"
Client Profile: Female, 37
Main Complaints: Tension in Back
Treatments: Bowen Therapy
Client Testimonial: "When experiencing the Bowen, I Wasn’t sure about Bowen therapy as this was unknown territory, felt nothing at 1st session but 2nd one was very therapeutic seemed to induce sleep in me, I remember going home and sleeping in the afternoon for about 3 hours! Clearly my body needed to heal in some way as I felt really calm, safe and secure. Almost protected from the world outside… The third treatment had the same effect on me.
Since my daughter has had Bowen, her schoolteacher mentioned that she had noticed that my daughter appeared to be less frequently frustrated in class and was being more involved in class"
Client Profile: Female, 58
Main Complaints: Stress, contipation, restricted mobility in neck
Treatments: Bowen Therapy & Life coaching
Client Testimonial: "After just 3 Bowen sessions I noticed my energy levels increase, physically my Irritable Bowel condition and constipation improved but also the numb sensation and mobility in my arm improved, and I was able to comb my hair and do up my bra without any discomfort! Mentally, my concentration level improved, I felt motivated and focused. My attitude became more positive and my outlook to life changed, which enabled me to cope with life's difficulties much better! Without hesitation I can recommend this therapy"
Client Profile: Female, 40
Main Complaints: High Blood Pressure
Treatments: Bowen Therapy & Life coaching
Client Testimonial: "I went to see Nayana after feeling ill for several weeks. I had been to the doctors and I had also been in hospital twice. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and also with suffering from a virus. I explained to Nayana that I felt as if I had had a body breakdown. I couldn’t sleep, I felt exhausted and I felt I couldn’t breath properly. Nayana suggested a course of Bowen therapy and also gave me some breathing exercised to do. After the first session I couldn’t believe the difference immediately I felt my energy levels rose and I felt I could not breath properly for the first time in weeks. After each session I felt a definite improvement in my health, although not as dramatic as after the first session. My sleeping pattern also improved, so that by the end of the course I was sleeping through the night for the first time in months. I also noticed that an existing neck problem also improved during the course of the treatment, giving me more mobility in my neck. On Nayana advice, I am continuing to do my breathing exercised daily as hopefully they will help to lower my blood pressure and also reduce my cholesterol.
By the end of the course not only did I feel much better physically but I also felt much better mentally. Nayana helped me to relax, feel more confident in myself and also think about what was important in my life. I will definitely be going back to see Nayana in the next few weeks for further treatment. Thank you very much Nayana for your help!!"
Client Profile: Female, 41
Main Complaints: Stress, low energy levels, struggling with family issues, loss of direction.
Treatments: Bowen Therapy & Life coaching
Client Testimonial: "On my first sessions I had lots of issues, I was not happy at home or work. I felt that on-one understood me, and felt lost, tired and at a dead end. I just wanted to switch off and just sleep. My concentration level was poor and I lacked focus on anything positive. I found that everyday pressures were taking hold of my entire life, making me feel like there was no tomorrow or time to relax. The only thing I found motivated was to go to the gym and sauna to switch off and escape. However soon after my treatment, I had an accident at work, and hurt my elbow badly and felt really rough. I found the treatment relaxing and calming.
By the third session I was ready to venture back to work, being more focused and motivated to achieve my goals, without the stress. Letting go has been my biggest achievement. People matter, but I matter more. I have learned to re channel the way I think in to a positive direction.
Just like to Thank You Nayana, for your help, over the last few weeks, of my life"