Client Profile: Female, 27
Main Complaints: Weight Gain
Treatments: Clinical Hypnotherapy
Client Testimonial: "The last session really helped, I've been really sensible and eating healthy foods and I have not been tempted to eat naughty snacks or even comfort eat"
Client Profile: Female
Main Complaints: Depression, lack of motivation, selfconfidence & selfesteem
Treatments: Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching
Client Testimonial: "Following on from the loss of my Job my self confidence had become very low and i had in essence lost myself and where i was going in my life. I had been receiving treatment from nayana for other ailments and she suggested hypnotherapy may help.
After the first session of hypnotherapy i felt like i had awoken from the best sleep i had ever had and felt revitalised. In the days after i felt more positive within myself and more in control of things. I have begun to realise that it was a fear of the unknown that has been holding me back some what and i have begun to address this slowly"
Client Profile: -
Main Complaints: Poor Sleep, (getting only a few hours, and waking frequently)
Treatments: Acupuncture complimented with Hypnotherapy, Hot Stone Therapy
Client Testimonial: "I slept the sleep of kings yesterday! Mind you I feel like continuing my slumber now! But what a difference to wake in the night and just turn over and get back to sleep!"
Client Profile: Female, 52
Main Complaints: Feeling unfulfilled & Loss of direction in life
Treatments: Acupuncture complimented with Aromatherapy & Hot stone Massage, Cupping, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Clinical Hypnotherapy, Jin shin Jyustu, Life coaching. Sound therapy
Client Testimonial: ""Nayana is a gifted healer, a wonderful person with a very pleasant manner. I always look forward to my treatments & I never know which ones she will use.
To date I’ve experienced:- Bowen, Acupuncture, EFT, Massage, Life Coaching, Sound Healing, Hypnotherapy, La Stone Massage. They are all good & work on all levels:- physical, mental, emotional & spiritual.
Since receiving treatments from Nayana my life has dramatically changed. I realise now that before knowing her I was existing rather than living. She has ‘woken me up’, but this has brought its own problems that I’m continuing to work through with her help. It is good to know that Nayana is always there if I need her. She always seems to say the right things – even though they are sometimes not what I want to hear. I don’t know where my life is leading me but I know that Nayana is helping me greatly along the way.
The treatment room at Engleton Road is pleasant, unfortunately the last appointment time here is 4 pm.
Update on me:
It's about 6 months since my last testimonial & my life has continued to change. I’ve now left my job & I’ve even left the country but the latter is only for 3 months. I had a very strong desire to do some voluntary work in South Africa. During my stay in SA, I’ve done some amazing things ‘for me’. I’ve ridden an elephant, a horse, been up in a microlite & driven a quad bike. Life is fun.
It would have been more difficult for me to cope with all the changes in my life without the support & healings from Nayana. I know that I’m doing the right thing for me even though it may seem illogical to others. Nayana helped me to focus on what I wanted & was able to reassure me that I’d made the right decisions.
Over the last 10 years I changed from someone who only used logic to make decisions to some who now uses intuition. The greatest changes have happened during the last year with the help of Nayana."
Client Profile: Female, 40
Main Complaints: Daily Migraines (together with visual disturbance and nausea, Feeling hot. Daily Headaches, poor energy levels, no enthusiam, lack of motivation. Feeling melancholy. Tension in shoulder and neck. Lower back pain and stiffness. Pain on one side of face and ear.
Treatments: Acupuncture, Guasha therapy, hot stone massage, Fire cupping therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy
Client Testimonial: After 3 weekly sessions, patient had experienced no migraines, and only one episode of a headache compared to waking up with a headache on a daily basis. She was starting to feel cooler in her body, the discomfort on the side of her face had reduced. Tension and restriction in shoulder and neck improved. Energy levels had picked up, head felt clearer and she was motivated and starting to feel enthusiatic. Even her husband had commented on her improved wellbeing.