The benefits of Gua Sha

Together with all the benefits listed for massage, the Gua sha technique Improves the micro-circulation in the area which is being scraped. Gua Sha promotes circulation and normalizes metabolic processes. As Gua Sha mimics sweating, it resolves fever. Gua Sha in eastern approach recognises that it cools the patient who is overheated, warms the patient who is chilled, nourishes the patient who is deficient, and clears the patient who is excess.

What does Sha indicate?

The colour of the Sha is both diagnostic and prognostic. The Sha that you see in treatment represents the movement of Qi and Blood. It is the body shifting out stagnate blood and pathogenic factors, which is released when the Qi and Blood is moved.

How fast will the petechiae fade?

The Sha petechiae should fade in 2-4 days. If it takes longer to fade, then it is an indication of poor blood circulation.

After Gua Sha treatment and Side Effects

After Gua Sha, the patient is instructed to cover the area, avoiding cold, wind and exposure to the sun or sudden change in temperature. Stretching is recommended but not a heavy workout on the day of treatment.

Gua Sha has NO side effects except the discolouration of the skin due to changes. The discolouration takes about 3 days to clear or up to 7 days if the circulation is poor.

How frequent will your treatment be?

Two or three treatments, at weekly intervals, are often sufficient to achieve lasting relief from even long standing pain, although further treatments may sometimes be required.


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