How does Sound Therapy work?

Studies conducted by sound therapies have shown that certain sounds can slow the breathing rate and create a feeling of overall well-being. Sound can also change the skin temperature, reduce blood pressure and muscle tension, and influence brain waver frequencies. Sound travel from one source to another as waves. Each sound has its own velocity and intensity, a frequency, pitch ad wavelength.

The intensity of the vibration, or the loudness of sound, ismeasured in units called decibels. Although volume in a factor, it is not necessary that one be consciously aware of a sound for it to have an effect because sound creates a response in the entire body, not just the ear. Resonance also has an effect on the body, mind & spirit.

Resonance refers to the physical phenomenon in which different frequencies of sound (different pitches) stimulate the body to vibrate in different areas.

1. Lower sound resonates in the lower part of the body.
2. High sound resonates in the higher parts of the body.

· These carry sound impulses through the ear and skull to the brain.

· Motor and sensory impulses are then sent along the vagus nerve to the throat, larynx, heart and diaphragm.

· The human body also has its own rhythmic patterns and there is growing evidence that rhythms of the heart, the brain, and other organs enjoy a special synchronicity. Disturbances in these rhythms can create illness and disease.

· Sound can also be used to help the body regulate the hormone levels, helping to control muscle spasms, reduce pain, and reduce stress in heart patients.

· Sound and music can evoke a range of emotions from sadness to joy, and can be used to moderate feelings of anger or depression.

· When sound is used with imagery and visualization, moods and physical sensations can change rapidly.

· Combining music, sounds, imagery, and breathing can bring about strong emotional releases and also help to connect with the unconscious mind.

Positive physical effects of sound and music on the human body:

1. Speeds up the body’s metabolism

2. Helps blood pressure & Circulation

3. Helps the digestive system

4. Creates changes in breathing patterns

5. Increases muscular activity

6. Effects the nervous system

7. Creates a natural trance

8. Sound effects every atom & every cell

The benefits of Tuning Forks Set of Chakra Tunning forks

1. The Sound waves of the forks vibrate and travel deeply into the body along energy pathways, effecting human physiology.

2. Tuning forks are applied to stimulate and balances the body’s physical and energy fields to promote healing and harmony.

3. Tuning fork frequencies enhance the body’s ability to heal and make profound changes in the energy levels of the body.

4. Tuning forks are used to correct imbalances

  a. Uncover & balance emotions

  b. Stimulate growth,

  c. Development

  d. And transformation and facilitate inner harmony and wholeness.

5. Tuning forks can be applied to the acupuncture and acupressure points to access the body’s meridian and chakra energy systems.

6. Tuning forks are designed to be used on and over the body.

7. When tapping the tuning forks they produce a pure sound frequency.

8. as the body listens to the tones it will naturally adjust itself and come into balance.

9. The actual effect of tuning fork sound therapy can be verified by a number of methods which include kinesiology muscles testing procedures to check the status of the organ meridian energy circuits and the charkas which are directly over the main nerve plexus points in the physical body



"Thank you for that, it was great, I felt a tingling sensation run right through my body."

"At one point I found the sound was right in my head, it was like whaho, thank you for that!"

"I just like to say, that was just lovely, I would love a CD."

"It was strange, some of the sounds just went on for ever, there was one sound, at one point, that I actually found painful in my ear."

"That was beautiful, can I have CD too!"

"That was just lovely, there were so many overtones."

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