Ailments are physical conditions and pain in which there are disturbances of normal functioning of the body that we suffer from. Sometimes we do things that put our bodies in unusual stress and tension. Pain is the body's way of telling us that something is wrong. Pain can be acute, severe but short lived, or it can be chronic, long term and of varying degrees of strength. Fear, tension, anxiety, depression can all exacerbate pain. Individuals may expect pain and worsen the problem by fear of that pain. They can affect the many bodily systems, organs such as digestive, respiratory, urinary, circulatory, immune system to hormonal and emotional functioning.

The treatments help to restore and balance, therefore promoting health and helping us to ward off sickness, injuries and disease. The benefits can be seen more quickly in acute conditions such as sports injuries and wide range of problems occurring from poor postures.

The holistic approach treats the "whole" person, not simply symptoms and disease. The diagnostic process looks at you as an individual, and examines your condition within the wider context of your health. The mind and body are integrated and inseparable. Treatment can help restore harmony across your body, helping to re-establish natural processes and rhythms, by clearing and balancing energy blockages.

Even though we do not have complete picture of how and why some of the approaches works. Many of the treatments induce a deep sense of relaxation and this state appears to have a profound effect and allows the body to utilise its own healing mechanism.

Below are just a few complaints that can benefit from some of the approaches offered.



Anxiety / Stress

Anxiety Disorders



Bed wetting

Bullied or Harassed

Bulimia Nervosa


Childhood issues & experiences?

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome



Digestion problems

Eating Disorders


Emotional Issues; Grief, Sadness, Anger, Frustration

Fears of flying, public speaking, spiders etc.



Improve self confidence

Improving your Memory


Irritable Bowel syndrome

Low Self-Esteem

Menopause Disorders


Nail biting

Pain Control

Panic Attacks


Poor Sleep / insomnia

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder



Stop Smoking


Trauma & Abuse?

Urinary Complaints

Unwanted habits - smoking, nail biting, bed wetting, Dental

Weight Loss

Weight Management

Below is a list of some of the effects and benefits that can be achieved from the various treatments:

Encourages the release of endorphins

Soothe nerves giving a feeling of euphoria

Enhances your ability to recover from hard training

Help you stay active longer, keeps your body in good condition will keep you performing longer

Helps Calms the Mind and the psyche

Helps and aids respiratory system

Helps deep sense of relaxation into natural trance

Helps to restore balance to the muscular-skeletal system

Helps in release of muscle tension and tightness, relieve stiffness and soreness

Help improve muscle tone and dermal contraction

Helps in assisting flexibility

Helps move stuck blood, improve, stimulate and encourages normal circulation

Helps provide relief to muscle stiffness and soft tissue injury

Helps reduce swelling by changes in pressure in blood vessels

Helps absorption of fluids forming in the tissues, such as swelling

Encourages healing by affecting the bodies inflammatory repair and recovery processes

Helps the immune system and improves lymph circulation

Helps Improve the lymphatic system to aid absorption of waste products

Helps to Nourish the organs

Improves the micro-circulation in the area being worked

Helps the digestive system

Relieve congestion, reduces fatty deposits

Speeds up the body’s metabolism

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