5 Reasons to Choose Holistic Tranquillity

This One Stop Practice is DIFFERENT and UNIQUE

It is able to offer an extensive range of treatments and specialised therapeutic approaches with techniques that come from all over the world and renowned for their powerful effect using therapies that combine 5,000 year old Asian healing practices with more modern methods to treat the "whole" person.

The therapeutic skill range and choices are unlimited and can range from; Treating a wide range of conditions and symptoms with a variety of techniques The techniques range from gentle and subtle to more manipulation, without using drugs or invasive procedures. Providing Coaching skills that allow you to manage, deal and resolve personal issues and stress. Providing a sense of direction and enabling you to achieve your aims and goals.


Ailments and the Holistic Approach

The approaches used are not miracle cures, but rather they help the body to use its own healing mechanism. Many of the techniques are complementary to the mainstream and can be ideal when recovering from both short terms acute to long term chronic condition.

This system understands that the root cause of all pain, complaints and disease to the body can arise by a number of factors which create ‘energy’ blockages which cause the various symptoms and ailments.

This flow of energy ‘Qi’ can be disturbed by a number of factors;

• emotional states such as anxiety, stress, anger, fear, grief,

• poor nutrition

• weather conditions

• hereditary factors

• infections

• Poisons and trauma etc

The holistic approach recognises that we are all unique individuals and all respond and react to things very differently. We have our very own Genes and DNA makeup together with our personal life journey and experiences... This approach looks to carrying out a comprehensive consultation and involves understanding your personal symptoms, overall health; past and current lifestyle information, followed by a diagnosis program. An initial assessment usually takes approximately 90 minutes.

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Treatments and service - hard to match

To allow for an effective and successful outcome, sessions are optimised, personalised and tailored to your requirements to meet your individual needs. From the vast range of treatments and techniques offered consideration is also taken in regards to the individual’s preference and suitability. Therefore, if you are going to benefit from more than one type of therapeutic technique within a session, that is what you will get, at NO extra cost!

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Multi-trained and Qualified Practitioner

Nayana has a wealth of knowledge and experience, and is qualified to provide you with a suitable treatment plan in relation to your physical, emotional and mental health. She believes in guiding, coaching and equipping her clients with the tools and mindfulness that will allow them to help themselves.

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The Clients Say It Works !

The treatments at Holistic Tranquillity will help you get the results you need, just take a look at some of the results that clients have achieved.

Find out how some of the clients suffering from conditions have responded to treatment.

Special Offers

Consultation and 5 Treatments for £225.

Book now with a one off payment and GET the 6th Treatment for FREE!

“Invest and take ownership in your health and wellbeing. Notice the difference!”

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What's On

The Holistic Stop Smoking In One Session

Want to become a Non-smoker & become non-dependent on nicotine in ONE session?

Well you can! No Program, No plan required!

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The Holistic Group Weight Loss Program

Want to stop dieting and lose 2 – 4 lbs each week?

4 week program starting soon

Even if you belong to a slimming club, why not enhance the process and lose weight even more effectively and achieve powerful, life-changing results.

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Holistic Healing Hands Share Group

There is magic and potency in the collaboration of Hands working together to enabling the healing process.

Want to practise your skills or just join in, then come along. During a session everyone gets an opportunity to participate in giving and receiving energy healing. Time is also set a aside to explore and participate in various other healing modalities:



Sound Vibration Healing

Hands On Healing

Distant Healing

Laughter Therapy

Every Alternate Wednesday.    Time: 7:30pm–9:00pm.

Cost: Practitioners: £5.00 Non Practitioners: £10.00

NOTE: All proceeds go to charitable organisations and causes. Numbers are limited

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Holistic Stop Smoking In One Session

Provided you want to stop smoking completely, the treatment offers an effective, powerful, permanent solution. This treatment works irrespective of how many cigarettes/cigars you smoke or for how long you have smoked. In virtually all cases it takes just one session, because the treatment is designed specifically to the individual. No two smokers are the same. Each smoker has their own unique habits, desires and associations; therefore if these are not addressed then it is unlikely that the results will be effective or permanent.

Your session is a simple, effective, two-step process;
Step 1 the conscious level: Discuss with you your individual smoking thoughts, behaviours and associations.
Step 2 the subconscious level: Practitioner will combine this information with a gentle yet powerful hypnotherapy technique, creating a uniquely enjoyable experience from which you will leave a healthy, calm, inspired non-smoker.

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The Holistic Group Weight Loss Program

Want to lose weight and get healthy?

Want to get back your confidence and self esteem?

Want to look good and feel good inside and out?

Or are you in a slimming club and want to boost the process?

If the answer is YES, then come along and lose 2 – 4 lbs a week.

As an overweight person, regardless of how much weight you need to lose, you can think about it, talk about it, have the knowledge and the understanding of the principles to losing weight, but it is the doing something about it, that is going to make it happen.

Make a conscious decision to take action and steps to do something about it Get support that will assist to through the process and keep your focused Lead you towards your target weight effectively and efficiently the holistic way.

Having personally undergone the challenges of weight gain and trying to lose those extra pounds, I now have an understanding and appreciation of the journey and recognise the importance and significance of support and encouragement to help you succeed.

The path can be very rewarding and life changing in so many ways, from increased enthusiasm and confidence, boost of self esteem and motivation, to feeling inspired. When you look good you feel good and life can also look and feel good and be a completely different experience.

Are you ready to take the next step towards having a slimmer, healthier lifestyle?

I provide a safe and relaxing approach to losing weight, together with implementing the most advanced hypnosis techniques and hypnotherapy treatments enabling you to lose weight easily and enjoyably. Supporting you along the way.

Next Programme Starts Tuesday 6th September 2016 7.30 pm

This is a group session lasting 4 weeks, from 7.30pm-8.30pm.

ONLY £20.00 pp pw

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