What is Reiki Healing?

Reiki massage can be used to help patients manage pain and increase their quality of living.

Reiki massage differs from normal massage because the practitioner uses the techniques of massage to help relax the muscles and then completes the treatment by the practitioner just placing the hands still on certain areas of the torso, to send healing energy through the channels of the practitioner into the patient.

There are sensations that are felt, but they are different for different people. Some people experience a sensation of warmth or tingling. Others experience a spirit of relaxation and balance.


"I really enjoyed the Reiki experience, during the treatment I felt really relaxed and felt as though I gone into a deep sleep. I was surprised how calm I felt afterwards and for a few moments it took me away from all my stresses."

PP, female .

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Reiki Massage can help...

Promote deep muscle and tissue relaxation

Soothe nerves giving a feeling of euphoria

Alleviate stress

Relieve pain

Encourage healing by affecting the bodies inflammatory repair and recovery processes

Reduce swelling by changes in pressure in blood vessels

Induce muscle tone and stimulates muscle where it needs strengthening

Relieve congestion and reduces fatty deposits

Stimulate the bodies circulatory system

Improve muscle tone and dermal contraction

Nourish the organs

Improve the lymphatic system to aid absorption of waste products

Calm the psyche

Just a few conditions treatment can help with.