Treatment helps to relax the thin layer of muscle covering the head, improving blood flow, nourishing the hair follicles and alleviating anxiety and stress. It helps relieve muscle tension in the neck, shoulders and scalp, headaches, sinusitis, eyestrain, helps to promote hair growth, helps blood and lymph flow to the upper body, promotes relaxation, better sleep, sharper thinking and harmonise your Chakras


"I have experienced various types of massages, but the warm stones on my skin is just the best, welcoming, smooth and soothing and totally relaxing."

SP, female, aged 64

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When is Indian Head Massage not advisable?

Afer recent surgery

After recent head or neck injury

Local infection

A history of thrombosis or embolism

Spondylitis or spondylosis

Suffer from high or low blood pressure

Dysfunction of the nervous system



Suffer from Migraine

Scalp infections