Hydrotherm Massage can:

Soothe nerves giving a feeling of euphoria

Encourage healing by affecting the bodies inflammatory repair and recovery processes

Reduce swelling by changes in pressure in blood vessels

Induce muscles tone and stimulates muscle where it needs strengthening

Relieve congestion and reduces fatty deposits

Stimulate the bodies circulatory system

Improve muscle tone and dermal contraction

Nourish the organs

Improve the lymphatic system to aid absorption of waste products


"Having never had a full body massage before, I was apprehensive of what to expect. However, the hydrotherm massage was completely exhilarating! I felt thoroughly relaxed and I was astounded that throughout the whole treatment, I just lay in one position, as Nayana worked round me, very effectively. I was also apprehensive of certain parts of my body being massaged, however I was soon surprised how at ease I felt once these areas had been worked on, and I actually felt a sense of release from some of the se areas. Once completed, I felt totally re-energised and a feeling of elation."

BM, female, aged 37

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